Our Services:
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Digital Radiography:
The image quality of digital radiographs is superior to conventional radiographs, which allows diagnosis of subtle tissue abnormalities and better interpretation of results.

Video Endoscopy & Gastroscopy:
Endoscopy uses a video camera to view the airway and esophagus allowing us to identify problems, take diagnostic samples and bacterial cultures.

with Complete dental care for your horse/livestock or pet

Our lab is capable of performing a range of diagnostic test from complete blood counts, blood chemistries, electrolytes and fecal egg counts, just to name a few.

Our staff is kept up to date on the newest advances in pharmaceuticals because of the close relationship we maintain with industry representatives.

Breeding Services:
Foal: ICU, Neonatal Care, Emergency care
  Mare: Pre-foaling exam, Onsite foaling and delivery service * Fertility evaluation – using ultrasonography, uterine culture, and uterine biopsy, Maintenance of high risk pregnancy
Hospitalization services
24 hour monitoring,
Our entire hospital is equipped with video camera monitoring of ICU patients, Stalls & Treatment areas
Hospital Pasture and Paddocks, grass maintained,
with turnout available 

Emergency Medicine:
We offer 24 hour/7 days emergency service.
Simply call the office number (808) 989-6149 at anytime and a staff or Dr Bergin or Dr Brundage
will return your call as soon as possible.
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